I’ve finally arrived to the party.

This is an entirely new category of device for me, so I insist on giving it some more time to nestle itself in my daily life. Be sure to check out the review in the coming weeks on Tools & Toys.

In the meantime, I’ll give a few quick first impressions.

  • Originally, I despised the look of the Apple Watch. Now, after two years, I’m finding the design to have immensely grown on me. I genuinely like the way this watch looks on my wrist.
  • I don’t like the white fluoroelastomer band. I like the fluoroelastomer band, but the white is just too much.
  • I really wish someone made brown leather bands with aluminum buckles. I’m hesitant to plow a stainless steel band to this aluminum Watch.
  • Speaking of, I really want the stainless steel variety. This could be my only regret, in fact. I’m just not sure I want to drop $900 CAD on the model I truly want.
  • I’d pay real, actual money in an Apple Watch Face store.
  • Why can’t you have two Simple faces to swipe between?

Update: You can have two Simple faces at once — I just never took the time to discover how. Simply go into the face gallery, click on a face, and hit “Add”. If you need to customize further, just customize as you would normally. Pretty easy actually.

  • My iPhone has been on silent mode since I opened the Apple Watch box. I prefer the notification sounds and alarm beeps on the Watch.
  • The app homescreen is very oddly designed. I’m surprised this is a Jony Ive product.
  • Nightstand Mode is simply fantastic.
  • Yes, notifications on the wrist is the best way to handle them. I’ve responded to more emails on time this week than ever before in my life.
  • Haptics on the Apple Watch are superior to the haptic on the new iPhones 7. I just wish they’d tap my wrist a little harder during workouts.
  • I went for a run yesterday for the first time in two or three months.
  • The Apple Watch is the world’s greatest speakerphone when driving a car.

I’ll leave the remainder of my thoughts for the full review. But at this point in time, it’s safe to say I regret waiting two years to try out an Apple Watch.