Today, The Newsprint is going to evolve.

I started this little column on December 14, 2013.1 Not only has The Newsprint grown in size and reach, it has provided tremendous opportunities for my wife and I. We will be forever grateful for The Newsprint and it will hold one of those little places in our hearts.

Recently, Jaclyn completed her designation work as a dietetic intern. Soon, she will have digits after her name to practice as a registered dietitian. Six years of hard work and study have led to an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise, most of which has culminated in a healthier and more energetic me. The meals on our table are creative, fun, and most importantly, healthy.

As we sat on our hotel balcony in Santorini a few weeks ago with a nearly finished bottle of wine, we were discussing ways for Jaclyn to disseminate her expertise beyond our own dinner table. There’s a wide world of Jaclyn’s interests as well, like fashion, home décor, and travel. She wants to talk about those things, and she wants an audience to talk to.

Admittedly, The Newsprint has been fading for quite some time. It opened some doors for us as a couple, but I haven’t wandered back home as much as I would like.

In an attempt to revive some of this column’s life, I’ve asked Jaclyn to write regularly for The Newsprint. She will bring a world of nutrition knowledge to the site, along with some of her other tastes.

Jaclyn’s interests and topics will be vastly different than what you’ve seen or read on The Newsprint in the last few years. This is to be expected — we are, after all, different people.

But most of The Newsprint’s audience is a small, dedicated group of people who have come to enjoy my writing as much as they enjoy the actual topics discussed. In true column fashion, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the columnist writes about, but that the columnist is actually writing.

And since Jaclyn is my better half, it only makes sense that her writing will fit naturally on The Newsprint.

We will write in tandem, each with our own bylines. Photography will be completed in tandem as well, although I do expect the majority of the shots to come from my camera. Editing, content, style, and design will become teamwork, and we, as a couple, will turn The Newsprint from my project into our project.

To everyone, thanks for reading thus far. If the sudden introduction of new topics catches you off guard, by all means, unsubscribe if you feel it necessary. We welcome you back with open arms whenever, wherever — our door is always open to visitors. If you feel like sticking around and learning more about the woman I love, trust me, you’re in for a treat.

There was a point in our conversation in Santorini where it was suggested The Newsprint would have to be shuttered in favour of a new project. I thought about it overnight, but just couldn’t cope with the thought of this column being silenced for good. As with anything these days, the column either has to adapt or die.

I chose for The Newsprint to adapt.

With that, I introduce to you the newest columnist for The Newsprint: Jaclyn Ginter.

Let’s give her a warm welcome.

Reading this post makes me cringe. I guess this means it’s emblematic, in an awkward sort of way.