This week on the pod, we chatted about how to protect yourself from theft when traveling and how to ensure you never lose your photos in case disaster strikes.

After that, we dove into something near and dear to our hearts. After playing around with the new Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM lens this past weekend (and writing about it shortly thereafter), I came away with a bad taste in my mouth regarding some early reviews of the lens. If you salivated over the lens like I did, you probably watched every Youtube video you could find comparing the 85mm GM and the 85mm Batis. Some of those early videos discussed the differences between the lenses, and most came away saying the GM lens was superior. More importantly, many of those reviews said the size difference between the Batis and the GM was a non-factor. And even more shocking, most of those reviews flat out overlooked the loud autofocus motor in the GM lens.

How my first major impressions — read, complaints — were overlooked entirely in those reviews is beyond me, and I couldn’t help but bring up this discrepancy in the podcast. Little did I know my partners would feel so strongly about it as well.

This week’s conversation is a good one, and although the conversation is a bit pointed, it’s a great look into review bias and how you can ensure what you’re reading or watching is a fair representation of the product itself.