When I first met Jaclyn, she was a bleary-eyed high school student heading into university. She’s a dietitian now, but I would have never guessed her most improved skill over the years would be in the writing department.

Early on, writing was a struggle. She’d ask for help with each and every sentence, and her punctuation and grammar needed work.

Seven years later, she’s clearly the superior writer between the two of us. She has a clinical, straightforward style. And I’m so proud to see her skills range into the arts as well as the sciences.

We don’t get to see as many women writing on Tools & Toys as I’d like, so this week was a nice little treat. Jac reviewed the KitchenAid mixer that has sat in our kitchen since day one. It’s a staple tool for Jac, and it has become one she wouldn’t live without.

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