The more Jac and I research the world on the other side of the ocean, the more we realize the importance of the railway.

Rail has arguably defined history. Where the track went, the people went.

This couldn’t be more true with my hometown. Rail carried wheat to the rest of the world, and rail carried back the rest of the world.

Now though, the railway isn’t as busy in town. Shipments roll in once, maybe twice a day. Shipments still head out, but there are more timely options.

No people come via rial anymore. We’re beyond that, apparently.

Yet, as we look overseas, rail seems to be the only track forward. Geography works in their favour, but resources should work in ours.

I struggle to understand why rail’s return here is so farfetched. Money, they say. Yet tax is higher than ever. And that other mode of transportation is little more than driving a wagon over a to-be built road.

North America needs a real rail system. Or even a rebuilt one.

And it needs it yesterday.