A few weeks ago, Marius Masalar sent me a random Twitter message asking if I’d ever considered recording a podcast. Within two minutes, we knew what we had to do. And within another minute, we knew we had to talk to Álvaro Serrano about this.

The project took shape quickly. Today, we’re excited to announce Candid, a weekly podcast about the craft of photography, covering the skills and technology we contend with on the road from hobbyist to professional.

Realistically, it’s going to be the perfect excuse for three photography nerds to geek out for an hour each week. Be it specific camera and lens reviews, or bags, accessories, workflows, or post-production processes, nothing is off limits for we three international personalities. Jaclyn is very excited I don’t have to talk to her about my photography obsessions anymore.

If you’re looking to geek out with us each week, check out our first episode.  If you like what you hear, spread the word and give us a rating on iTunes. We greatly appreciate it.