Because fisheyes aren’t lenses that generally see a lot of use, it’s really hard for most people to justify spending $1,000 on one.  And there’s the real rub.  It’s definitely the finest fisheye for Micro 4/3, and it’s one of the best I’ve used for any system, but it’s hard to recommend because it’s a lens that isn’t going to see a ton of use for most shooters.  Note that I’m not saying that the lens isn’t worth $1,000.  It is: the pro-grade build and outstanding optics certainly justify the asking price, but I feel most photographers won’t be able to justify that price for their own kit.

I have the 8mm Fisheye  in my bag for the next few weeks. I’m surprised to admit the Fisheye is the only PRO lens I want to own going forward, even as I convert to Sony’s full-frame system. The 8mm is small, well built, and tons of fun to use.

Jordan is right though: I don’t think I can justify a $1,000 ($800 on Amazon right now) lens that I’m going to pull out twice a year.