Cool Q&A with a nomadic photographer:

Thomas had moved to Boulder post college to pursue and further a career in design, learn to ski (with the big boys), and bike a bunch. In no time he’d managed all that, quickly earning a reputation among the tech and design community for his tenacity and vision. He even co-founded his own agency, Human Design. But his camera and a yearning for adventure were pulling him to new places. So he sold it all, and leaned into his passion to become a full-time adventure photographer and filmmaker.

My eyebrow raised when Thomas was asked about the worst part of his job:

Keeping up with professional athletes. In New Zealand we climbed straight up Cheeseman Peak to capture a sunrise bike descent for a Smith series last year. On my back was an FS7, 5D, 3 lenses, a tripod and a crane—with my mountain bike resting on top of my shoulders. Skiing at 18,000ft would also have been a little more enjoyable without the extra gear.

I have a hard enough time carrying a mirrorless camera with two lenses in a leather bag.