Marius Masalar:

I’ve been waiting for the camera that takes everything I love about the X100T and expands the shooting envelope enough to make it viable for work as well as pleasure. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s Fuji who ultimately delivered it in the form of the X-Pro 2.

I’m excited to see Marius get a first crack at the new X-Pro 2. Fuji’s list of product debut bloggers was pretty extensive and it’s very exciting to see a colleague get this kind of opportunity.

As far as the X-Pro 2 goes, I couldn’t be more impressed. Every omission in the OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the Sony a7 II is implemented in the X-Pro 2. Dual SD cards, solid ergonomics, and a new 24MP sensor make the X-Pro 2 a worthy X-line camera. Had the X-Pro 2 been out two weeks ago, I might have purchased it.

Be sure to check out Jonas Rask’s first impressions of the X-Pro 2 as well. His product photography is stellar — I have to find a way to shoot a review on a matte black board like Jonas’.

Lastly, The Verge has a cool behind-the-scenes look at how Fujifilm makes its cameras and lenses. Splendid photo essay.