As soon as I began reading this review, I knew this format could be intensely popular if done correctly. A quick excerpt:

CHRISTOPHER B. DURR: I guess we should start with a pretty simple question: Why did you want a FitBit? Aside from your susceptibility to 21st century marketing.
KYLE DREGER: It’s “Fitbit.” Don’t capitalize the “b.”
DURR: “Editor”-in-Chief fits you well.

Multiple voices, multiple opinions, and multiple personalities, all in a conversation that can be read quickly and easily. How about another excerpt:

DURR: I agree that the effect will get tired for most, but I think the passive act of wearing it will help in the long run. Maybe you won’t be walking around your apartment to get those last 800 steps, but if it gets you out of your seat two or three more times a day, that’s something. I wouldn’t be surprised if jewelers get into the game, once the technology gets smaller. You could just be wearing a regular watch that did biometrics in the background. Heck one day it could be woven into your clothing. A lot can change in five years.
DREGER: The clothing part really interests me. We don’t have to wear a watch, but clothes are relatively essential.
DURR: I own exactly one expensive shirt, and every time I wash it, I worry I’ll ruin it. I can only imagine if it was wearable tech.
DREGER: Just throw it on the delicate cycle, and you’ll be fine.