The Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg was under construction for many years. It slowly rose from its Forks base in late 2008 until its opening in mid 2014, making for a lengthy construction process in today’s day and age.

Construction of the museum was funded largely through donation, creating that public foundation needed for the museum’s transcendent message to reach everyone.

Winnipeg’s Forks district is one of the few major tourist attractions in the city and I would have never ventured to say Winnipeg was worth visiting because of The Forks.

The museum changes this. It has become a shining light for all nations of all peoples to enjoy. The museum’s message is one of inclusiveness, tolerance, and acceptance, no matter the visitor’s situation. I find it a little overboard personally, but I understand the inspiration for such a place.

If something brings you to Winnipeg, be it business or just passing through, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights is worth the $10 admission. Take some time to walk the hallways with an open mind and you’ll begin to discover what keeps Winnipeg’s heart beating throughout the year.