And today, I made my debut on The Sweet Setup with review of a number of iPhone 6s cases. We put together a research list of about 10 different cases and put them all to the test to see which would take the crown.

In the end, I’m most attracted to Apple’s own Silicone and Leather cases. The turqouise colour on Apple’s latest Silicone case is to die for and the case as a whole is a winner. From colour, to thickness, to buttons, to protection, the Silicone case checks all the right boxes.

I’m personally most attracted to Apple’s latest Saddle Brown Leather case. The Leather case takes the cake in terms of looks and elegance, but its button presses are mushy and Apple’s Leather cases are known for picking up the colour of your denim jeans after extensive use. For now, my Saddle Brown Leather case is aging beautifully, but I’m worried it’ll start to turn blue after awhile.

Even if Apple’s Silicone or Leather cases aren’t your style, we outlined a fair number of other cases which might suit. I’m particularly fond of Otterbox’s heavy duty Commuter and Defender cases, especially when its time to get into the thick of things.

Head on over to The Sweet Setup to check out the full review.