There aren’t many surprises on the list of most prosperous countries in the world, but here’s a quick roundup.

  • Norway ranks as the most prosperous nation overall, but doesn’t sit atop any single categorical list.
  • Switzerland leads the way in governance, while Sweden has the most opportunity for entrepreneurship in the world.
  • Singapore’s economy is the strongest in the world, followed by Switzerland — which is interesting in and of itself because of its landlocked nature.
  • Canada has become the world’s most free country and is home to the second best education ranking in the world.
  • The United States sits 33rd on the list of safety and security due to gun violence.

I am truly proud to be Canadian when viewing this exhaustive study. Five countries are theoretically more prosperous than Canada, but in my opinion, that personal freedom category puts us on top of the world.

And from a glass half empty perspective: I guess Mr. Harper wasn’t so bad after all.