I’ve been an iPhone 6 Plus preacher for the past year. I blindly told everyone it was the superior choice due to its incredible battery life, superior camera, and lovely 5.5” screen.

I wasn’t right about that.

I wasn’t wrong about it either, though.

I got extra curious when the next door MTS store had a bunch of iPhone 6s models and no 6s Pluses. So I went for it and purchased the smaller iPhone this time around.

I love it so far. At least as much as the iPhone 6 Plus from yesteryear.

And I’m more sure than ever that I’m not sure which phone is better. They are both incredible and have entirely different characteristics.

I got a chance to publish my review of the iPhone 6s today on Tools & Toys. In short, I love the one handed use, 3D Touch, faster Touch ID, and Live Photos.

Boy do I love Live Photos.

I urge you to read the review. I’m proud of how the photographs turned out and the overall voice of the review.