Curiosity got the best of me last week.

After a year of pumping the large size of the 5.5” iPhone, I skimped down and grabbed the 4.7” iPhone this time around. It was a spur of the moment decision driven — perhaps embarrassingly — by a combination of impatience and curiosity. But, after 10 days of use, I’m completely enthralled with this phone.

Yet, I miss my old phone, too.

Putting this into words is difficult. So far, the iPhone 6s has had a subconscious effect on me. I noticed the effect the first time I hopped into my car with the phone in my pocket. I always carried the iPhone 6 Plus in my back pocket because it never comfortably fit in my front pocket, and this always presented an extra step when getting into my car. I’d open the door, put my right leg in, remove my phone, and fully step inside. This became second nature very quick.

But now, the iPhone 6s comfortably fits in my front pocket. Removing the phone from my back pocket is no longer needed and eliminates a step before getting into the car.

This sounds like a first world problem. But it’s amazing how fast I noticed the impact of the iPhone 6s.

Consider tying your shoes in the morning before work. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself having to remove the iPhone 6 Plus from your front pocket because it juts into your hip when you squat or bend over.

The iPhone 6s doesn’t present this problem. Just bend over and tie your shoe. Simple.

I’ll admit, I miss the bigger screen. When sitting at my desk, that large Plus-sized keyboard was second to none. And the Plus’ battery is out of this world. I just picked up my old 6 Plus to take a screenshot, and I was whisked back into the world of huge keyboards and huge screens. Nostalgic, in a way.

I’m finding the more cramped screen and lesser battery life to be acceptable compromises, though. Regaining one handed use and front pocket stowing has been a pleasure so far. I much prefer this:

Over this:

And I really like Space Grey. I’m not sure why I ever fell out of love with this colour.

What I can definitively say is this: The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are different phones for different uses. Depending on your use, there may be space for both phones in your arsenal.

It comes down to comfort vs. convenience. I chose the convenience route this time, but I’m still not certain I made the right choice.