If it hadn’t been for Brad Dowdy late last night, I would have forgotten that today is Hobonichi Techo Day.

The 2016 Hobonichi Techo looks to be largely the same as prior years, save for a few extra days (the book now begins on December 16, 2015 and ends on January 8, 2017) and a unique serial number stamped on the inside back cover. I’m glad to see they didn’t mess with a good thing.

I’ve also looked for ways to incorporate a Hobonichi into my office somewhere, so I picked up the Japanese Hobonichi “Weeks” version. The Hobonichi Weeks is a skinnier version of the Techo and divides the year into weeks instead of the Techo’s popular page-per-day format. I’ve found throughout my first year in the office that projects often take a week or more at a time, so I’m hoping this book fits nicely. I am a bit hesitant about the book being written in Japanese mind you.

The 2015 Hobonichi Techo was my first Techo and I fell in love with it within a month. The Tomoe River paper is so great and its page-per-day format is the ultimate method to track your daily doings or to keep a page full of daily thoughts.

Although it isn’t New Years just yet, the Hobonichi Techo is the ultimate New Years resolution. If you haven’t already, you should pick up the book in September to give yourself plenty of preparation time.