My stylish wife fell prey to my blogging habits (or lack thereof?) and started her own fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle blog yesterday.

Today’s “Back to Burgundy” post is the first look at what Jaclyn’s site will look like over the coming months. Generally speaking, I’ll be the guy behind the camera, firing away and secretly daydreaming about her stunning good looks.

This also happens to be my first true photoshoot with the Panasonic Leica Nocticron. Although the E-M5 Mark II’s viewfinder and display are really impressive, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these images for the first time in Lightroom on my Mac. The backgrounds are so creamy and so smooth, even when taking full body shots. The full-frame-esque look is something I didn’t think possible with the smaller Micro 4/3 lens and I’m happy to admit I was mistaken.

Regardless of my camera gear, the subject in all these photographs would make any camera look great. I’m super proud of Jaclyn and I’m excited to see where this little project goes.