This will be the last Sunday Edition.

I started writing the Sunday Edition in May or June 2014. In the last year and few months, the Sunday Edition has grown to be one of the Newsprint’s most visited and most defining pieces each week. I’ve changed the format a bit, but overall, the Sunday Edition has been a consistent showcasing of talent across the web.

Everyone’s lives are busy. Or at least, we all look at our own lives and think we are busy. I’m no different. I spent this past week huddled in a study cave until 1:00AM each morning, only to wake up and return to the office a few hours later. My exam came and went yesterday morning and the feeling of relief I experienced in the afternoon was extremely gratifying.

Then I remembered I had to prepare the Sunday Edition. I decided yesterday afternoon to conclude the Sunday Edition. Rash decision? Maybe. But really, this is a blog. A hobby. Not a job. And it’s become a job every Sunday morning.

There are a few weekly roundups which do their jobs better than the Sunday Edition ever did. Chris’ weekly Quality Linkage for Tools & Toys is a perfect Friday morning digest of the week’s coolest pieces, and Álvaro’s Saturday Morning Coffee follows up with some more unique prose. I rarely skip a link in their weekly work. There are numerous other weekly roundups and linkage sites which should keep you covered as well, such as:

The list could go on. There are numerous sites which help fill any holes throughout your week, and I recommend subscribing to each of them so you don’t miss a beat.

I’ve had a busy first eight months of 2015, and I’m increasingly finding it difficult to meet deadlines, especially those deadlines which aren’t involved in career or school work. Instead of putting more deadlines in my life, I’m set on eliminating the needless ones. And the Sunday Edition fell on that list.

I make it sound like the Sunday Edition was this weekly article which dominated my life. It didn’t. I saved articles to Pinboard throughout the week and I’d copy that list to Ulysses on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning. I’d add a photo here and there and add some of my own thoughts if necessary. Overall, it wasn’t bad. I’m probably overreacting.

But I’m so excited to wake up with my wife on Sunday morning and not have to rush off to finish my weekly piece. I’m excited to hang out with friends and drink a few beers late into Saturday evening. I’m even more excited to head out and shoot photos which can stay in my Lightroom library and not be whisked off for a quick Sunday morning publishing.

The Newsprint’s readers will still be treated to the same links normally found in each Sunday Edition, but they will now be linked throughout the week. As summer leaves our desperate grasp, I’m sure finding time to share the internet’s best work will be easier throughout the week.

It’s been a fun year seeing where the Sunday Edition could take The Newsprint. The Newsprint averaged 750 page views every Sunday, which makes me think there is an untapped market in Sunday publishing. The Newsprint also had its best affiliate revenue month in August. Considering the amount published to the site, I can attribute this affiliate revenue almost strictly to the Sunday Edition. Between the daily traffic and the incredible affiliate revenue, Sunday publishing seems to be a fair way to make a little money in this hobby. If you want to take on some Sunday publishing, I think it’s worth your time.

To all those 750 readers, and all The Newsprint’s subscribers, and all those who stumble upon the site, thank you for visiting every Sunday.

It’s been really fun.

Happy Sunday.