Sorry for all the terribly written headlines this week. I understand why click-baiting is a thing, but that doesn’t change how insulting it is.

Cast aside the click-bait headlines and you’re left with some pretty great stuff from the past week.

Happy Sunday.

Great Reads and a Funny Video

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world — In the eyes of a guy who endures eight month winters and lives 150 kilometres from the closest major city, a city built around bicycle transportation seems utopian, dreamy, and unrealistic.

I need to move to one of these utopian-esque cities.

(Via Coudal)

How Weird Is Alex Rodriguez’s Resurgence? — I despise A-Rod’s cheating years. If anyone else cheated at their career, they’d probably go to jail. Not professional athletes though. Cheating isn’t allowed.

Regardless of his cheating, A-Rod is one of the best players to ever play the game. So few players hit homeruns in their teens and continue the trend into their 40s. No matter his Hall of Fame turnout, A-Rod is undeniably a name that can be said alongside the very greats of the game.

Kids React to the First iPod — I turn 24 years old this week, and this video makes me feel archaic.

What it’s like to be a professional Instagrammer — Alex Heath for Tech Insider:

On one of his first Instagram campaigns, Ozer and five other Tinker Street photographers were given a Mercedes-Benz to drive and photograph for a week. Each Instagrammer had to post six photos a day for five days, and whoever had the most likes at the end of the week got to keep the car.
Ozer won.

See also: Instagram Analytics.

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Photography and Beautiful Art

Review: Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon T — Most writers generally write positive, benefit-of-the-doubt styled reviews of photography equipment these days.

This isn’t a positive review. And I love it.

Wonders of the World — What could have been, if not for, well, you know, human beings and history and all.

Russian Photographers Show How Birds See Our World And It’ll Leave You Breathless — These photographs are simply fantastic. However, I’m left wondering how they were captured. Drones? From an airplane and stitched together? Either way, gorgeous work.

You can check out more of their work at

Laforet Visuals — I’m not sure if big cities are more alive during the day or during the night. New York City’s pulsating late-night veins are stunning when viewed from above.

Spectacular Photos of Chicago’s Skyscrapers Piercing Layers of Fog and Clouds — Eery. But genuinely artistic.

The Best RSS App for Mac and a Funky Wallet

Reeder 3 for Mac: Public Beta — My favourite — and just about everyone else’s favourite — RSS reader for the Mac has been pushed to a free public beta. I don’t see any pain in making the update. It’s clean, translucent, and all the Reeder we’ve ever come to expect.

Dosh Aero Wallet — Despite my review of this wallet last year, I still use it every day. Its waterproof characteristics also helped my cause this weekend at the lake.