Editor’s Note: The Newsprint and The Sunday Edition have become relatively synonymous over the past year. The Sunday Edition, week in and week out, is the most viewed, the most favourited, the most shared, and the most commented article published on this site.

The Sunday Edition has been relatively simple. I save whatever I find throughout the week and I post a barrage of links on Sunday morning. The list of links is just that: a list of easily clickable links ready to shoot you elsewhere around the internet. The list started out with about 10 links per week, but has since grown into the 20 to 25 link range. Sometimes I’ve thrown my own images in as well.

I’ve watched others create their own weekly roundup lists and I admire some of the aspects they’ve introduced. Be it pull-quotes, short blurbs, photos, or personal anecdotes, each weekly roundup is unique in its own way. The Sunday Edition, I’d argue, is unique in its simplicity and straightforwardness. I don’t want to entirely change that.

I just want to add a bit more me to the mix.

But most of all, I want The Editions to become a sort of semi-weekly newsletter. The Editions will feature a range of topics, from pieces by me or the gentlemen I work with, to photos and videos of the amazing world around us, to some really cool products I want to purchase at some point. As always, the direct format for The Editions is ever changing and will evolve over time.

Here’s the first Wednesday Edition. Enjoy.

Some Great Reads

I spent the last 15 years trying to become an American. I’ve failed. — William Han on the American immigration system:

When the rest of the world sends America its best and brightest, America says, “Go away.”

If the United States won’t accept you, William, there’s an incredible country to the north who will accept you with open arms. You’re already half-way there — you spell your favourite, colourful, honourable words with an extra “u” and you excessively use the expression “Eh!”. Seems like a perfect fit.

How to Become an Early Riser — Back in 2005, Steve Pavlina wrote a short how-to on waking up earlier. I wonder if his method would allow productivity habits to change alongside sleeping habits. What if your most productive hours are between midnight and 1:00? Will this time period shift to first thing in the morning, or sometime in the later evening?

The American Civil War: Then and Now — Rick Hatcher, Fort Sumter site historian:

My great great grandfather was in Pickett’s charge. So Uncle John is shooting at Grandpa Dick. We say to our daughter, it only took the deaths of 620,000 American soldiers for your mother and I to get together.

Any person under the age of 75 will have a hard time picturing such a death toll.

To Apple, Love Taylor — Taylor got to play the role of knight in shining armour this past weekend, but music isn’t the only industry where this stuff happens. Lawyers, accountants, and many other professions have lengthy periods of time where candidates must work for next to nothing. As an example, my wife must pay to work full-time for 10-months to complete her dietetic designation. Either Taylor is misplaced in her complaints over not being paid for Apple Music’s three-month free trial, or there are many other industries in need of a popular whistleblower.

Should you rent or own your home? — Melissa Leong’s piece on renting isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I’ve run the numbers countless times (assuming probably 20 different variables): If you put 10% down on a $200,000 home, you’re more likely to be ahead by renting after 5 years if you reinvest the difference in monthly cash flow in the stock market. Add in the fact you don’t have to worry about maintenance, disposal fees, or interest rate spikes (theoretically), and you’d be hard pressed to convince me owning is ever the right option these days — especially in catastrophically high priced markets like Vancouver, Toronto, or New York City.

Some Photography

Gonzolo Broto’s Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7 Review — 15mm is an odd focal length, but this lens’ colour rockets it close to the top of my wish list.

A Meetup in Øvre Årdal — I discovered Atle’s work through Dan Hawk and I’ve become mesmerized with the colour of Atle’s photos. I instantly subscribed to his blog.

Jonsrud Hi Res Pano — Speaking of Dan Hawk, this panoramic shot of Jonsrud point is stunning.

Some Team Promotion

The Focus Course — I spent $650 on a 6 week accounting course this week, but I bet I would have learnt more applicable life lessons in Shawn’s $250 ($199 for launch week!) 40-day course. The amount of effort Shawn has put into this course is astounding.

Our favorite pro writing app for Mac: Ulysses — Mike Schmitz chose the reputable Ulysses as the best pro writing app on the Mac and, as of late, I agree with him. Back when Ulysses launched for the iPad (and relaunched for the Mac), I wrote off the writing suite because of how it handled Markdown links. Now that I know how to properly handle those links within Ulysses, I realize I made a mistake by not going all in on the suite months ago.

The Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 Micro Four Thirds Lens Review — My good friend Álvaro Serrano penned a great review of an inexpensive, yet stellar portrait lens. I believe he set a benchmark for lens reviews across the web with this one.

Some Short Reads

Simple Needs — Nick Wynja:

I like this because it’s not making one out to be a “simple” person but it’s the needs that are simple.

(Via Audacious Fox)

Some Cool Stuff

ESV Clarion Reference Bible — Found in this week’s Sweet Setup interview with Chad Landman, this Cambridge Reference Bible is brilliantly designed. If J. Mark Bertrand is comparing it to the Crossway Legacy, you can be sure it’s a good choice.

Foremost Edition Leather Cardholder — This is a pretty snazzy wallet for a mere $35.

Need Edition Texas Tan Leather Coasters — I have a couple of these and they’re great. Fantastic conversation starter and durable to boot.