This past week was a lesson in how the most financially stable company in the world plays Monopoly. Apple’s incredible stockpile of cash allows them to take risks, burn down walls, and create bridges, all with a simple flick of the wrist. I’m excited with the announcements, sure, but I’m far more intrigued with the capabilities — and the potential — of a company with more cash than the American government. The innovation the company stirs two or three times a year is simply magnificent to watch.

Then, in another spectrum, Sony decided to drop on atomic bomb. A 42.4 megapixel full-frame sensor — in a mirrorless camera — is out of this world. The reviews will surely pile up over the summer and I sincerely hope the rabbit hole doesn’t become too large.

And lastly, I’ll admit to changing my system font on my iMac to the new, drool-worthy San Francisco. When I originally saw San Francisco with the Apple Watch’s release, I was unimpressed. It felt far too machine-like for me. But something clicked recently1 and I’ve installed it everywhere I can. iOS 9 should feel right at home when it lands in the fall.

As always, there’s a lineup of great reads below. If you’ve got some time this afternoon, grab some cold lemonade or iced tea and read away.

Happy Sunday.

Maybe it’s been all the iOS 9 beta screenshots with San Francisco plastered everywhere. Those screenshots have led to more than just a font install — I spent a pile of money on a writing suite recently after seeing some screenshots on Twitter. More on that in a bit.