The iPad is on the cusp of becoming a completely new computer.

Viticci’s first impressions of iOS 9’s impact on the iPad seem a bit knee-jerk. Two days seems fast to proclaim an entirely new future for the iPad. The iPad will still be relegated to that midpoint (two or three apps at a time) between the smartphone (one app at a time) and the desktop (many apps at a time).

Having said that — and I join Federico here — it’s extremely difficult not to be excited about iOS 9’s iPad multitasking features. Two or three apps at a time may be the perfect combination of simplicity and power. And it certainly sets it apart from its previous “just a big iPod touch” sentiment.

After Monday’s keynote, I looked at my iMac and started to wonder if it is destined for a lifetime of photo editing and photo storage. For everything else, there’s a chance the iPad will become my computer of choice.

I’m looking forward to the fall.