My brilliant wife graduated on Thursday with her Bachelor of Human Nutritional Sciences degree from the University of Manitoba. She walked across the stage to shake the Dean’s hand with a huge smile on her face, and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

I’m not much of a flowers guy, but the lady at the store was more than willing to help me make Jaclyn’s day.

In the same graduating class was an elderly lady who looked to have been in her mid-70s. She struggled up the stage stairs with her cane and stood on the photograph spot with her head held high.

The applause began.

Once the photograph was taken, she continued on across the stage with her cane, moving as fast as her body would allow her. Luckily for the crowd, it allowed for a longer amount of time to cheer.

The applause grew.

She reached the Dean to shake her hand. She even squeezed a hug into the pleasantry.

The applause grew.

The elderly lady walked down the stage stairs to return to her seat, again struggling with her cane.

The applause grew.

By the time she reached her chair, the entire crowd realized the magnitude of the event.

The applause turned into a roar.

She sat in her chair, and we could all see her shoulders shrug into an overwhelming weep of joy. I cried, too.

As much as I love my wife, the elderly lady’s graduation was easily the most touching event of the day. Every person around her was at most half her age, yet she walked across the stage to receive her diploma like everyone else. She quickly reminded us that it’s never too late to get started.

She received by far the largest and loudest applause at convocation. And she totally deserved it.

This week’s Sunday Edition is a doozy. So many great links.

Happy Sunday.