Micah Singleton for The Verge:

What you have is either a $10,000 watch that doesn’t look as good as its competition, or a $10,000 notification center that you can also buy for a tenth of the price. It probably won’t be on the wrists of celebrities and all over Fashion Week in September, and it’s unlikely it will become a must-have luxury item. What does that leave us with? Who would buy a $349 device refitted with all-gold-everything and a price tag to match? The same people who buy products from Vertu. As a watchmaker told me, the guy who wears a Rolex every day may like the Apple Watch, but doesn’t like that the regular version “doesn’t signal to the world what a Rolex will.”

There’s a gigantic difference between a Vertu product — a phone akin to a 2009 Blackberry Pearl on steroids — and the Apple Watch Edition. You can’t compare lemons to Apples.

If money was no object, I’d buy an Apple Watch Edition. They are gorgeous. I’m a sucker for rose gold. I guarantee there are people who feel the same, and they may happen to have a deeper pocket as well.