It would be snide to say the PIXI Mini tripod is the only tripod I may ever need. After all, it’s merely eight inches tall and can’t extend beyond that.

But really, aside from heading out late at night to capture a long exposure city scene, I have yet to run into any situation that can’t be fulfilled by the PIXI Mini. And hey, if that city scene looks great when shot eight inches from the ground, then the PIXI Mini can fulfill the example as well.

I found the PIXI Mini when browsing through Paul Stamatiou’s travel photography posts and I was surprised to find such a nifty tripod for a mere $25. It has easily surpassed its original purchase price in value.

Also, I want to point out the incredible iPhone 6 Plus camera. At least 5 of the 15 photos in this review were shot with the iPhone 6 Plus. As a fall-back camera, I couldn’t be happier with the iPhone.

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