Ben Brooks:

Before iOS 8 there was simply no way I could say that iOS on the iPad would be a better work tool for me. Post iOS 8, and now looking at 2015 apps it seems apparent to me that the only reason iOS isn’t my full time OS is because of my own fear. I think a larger iPad would push me over that threshold of fear and into excitement, but there really should be no reason my current iPad Air wouldn’t suffice.

Another area a large iPad would rock would be in mobile photography and post-processing workflows.

Lugging along a laptop of any size would be reduced to carrying a glowing slab of glass, and this doesn’t consider how awesome it is to interact with a photograph with your fingers. As much flack as iPhoto for iOS received, I felt the process of painting adjustments onto a photo with your finger was the coolest thing ever. Yes, iPhoto’s management of photos on iOS was lackluster, but the actual process of editing photos was ahead of its time.

Now imagine how great editing would be on an even bigger screen. I think it would be the best way to edit photos imagineable.

I’d most certainly own two iPads if a larger one was available — one for reading and general browsing, and the other for photo editing and writing.