Two weekends ago, my extended family welcomed a brand new member to the mix. I had a chance to meet my new nephew and I snapped a few photos while he took a nap.

Koi (pronounced koy) is a very unique name. I’m still getting used to it myself, but the rest of the family has taken to the name instantly.

Koi is my wife’s brother’s son, and he marks the continuation of the Fehr family name into the next generation. I’m the oldest grandchild with the Ginter last name, so Koi and I share some neat heritage.

I’m not sure if this tradition is as meaningful to other people, but I actually grew up learning about the meaning of passing on a last name. It means a great deal to many people in my area, so I think my father-in-law is quite excited for the arrival of Koi William.

Welcome to the family buddy.