The week of New Years Day is always one of the best writing weeks of the year. New Years resolutions often encourage people to write and publish more online. If these resolutions stick, the remainder of 2015 is going to be a blast — there was some sweet stuff that came through my feed over the last seven days.

As a quick administration note, I hope to update a few of the reviews I wrote in the past with new photographs and updated code over the next few weeks. In the transition from Squarespace-to-Ghost-to-Jekyll, some of the original reviews took a battering. I hope to restore those reviews to their original form. If a title pops up in your feed and looks like something you’ve already read, it’ll probably be because you already have. Thanks for your patience.

With that said, here is this week’s Sunday Edition. There’s a ton of great stuff here.

Happy Sunday, Happy New Year, and all the best over the coming week.