Jeanne Marie Laskas writing for GQ:

He talks in very long paragraphs about rocket science. Orbits and going to Mars and the “Aldrin Mars Cycler.” He holds three patents for things like a modular space station, and he started a foundation devoted to advancing space education. “But this is not what you want to talk about,” he thankfully says, and so you say let’s get back to that day you went to the moon. It was a moment for the world, a particular historic moment when scientific, military, and nationalistic interests intersected perfectly—and him and Neil and Mike blasting off atop a Saturn V as if in celebration of that perfect union. And doesn’t he have a perspective on that? A way of thinking about that?
“It’s something we did,” he says. “Now we should do something else.”

Looks like NASA chose the right man to be number one back in 1969.