J.D. Bentley:

It is expected that the smartest, most reasonable man will have examined all sides of an argument and thrown up his hands shouting, “Who knows?” Empathy trumps truth. Being able to understand all sides without making any judgment is the ultimate outcome.

I like reading food for thought sometimes. Every now and then, articles like this help perform some sort of subconscious correction.

In relation to the article itself, I have to ask:

  • Is there an answer to every question?
  • Why do we have to have truth in every argument?

I’ve come to find decision-making to be the single most tiresome aspect of life. Weighing pros and cons of any situation is utterly exhausting. There’s a reason Barack Obama wears the same suits all the time.

As a result, I tend to think the “Empathy trumps truth” conundrum is a direct result of the pursuit of laziness or comfort – it’s easier on the mind to say “Who knows?” and move on to the next topic. Twenty-First Century immediateness and stress is causing empathy to be valued more than truth itself. Our skills, thoughts, and attention are being pulled in more directions than ever before. Empathy is more efficient, less time-consuming, and provides less pressure on our tired minds.

J.D. Bentley offers plenty of fascinating thoughts on tough issues. I’m glad there’s someone of his caliber and skill asking the tougher questions from time to time.