The Knowledge is notorious for snatching away lives, and for putting minds in a vise grip. ‘‘Everything becomes about the Knowledge,’’ McCabe said. ‘‘My wife will be talking to me about plans or the kids, and it’s not even registering what she’s saying. Because all I’m thinking is, ‘I can’t turn right into that road in Hammersmith, can I?’ If you read the paper, or watch the news or a film, you’re looking at the background. ‘Oh, I know that road there.’ ’’

I’ve heard the difficulty level of Canada’s national CPA examination is ruthless. But, if you pass, the CPA designation is one of the most financially rewarding jobs one could ask for.

To learn that taxi drivers in London have to pass a test that is harder than what I am to expect is nothing short of mind blowing.

At least they are paid appropriately.

(Via NextDraft)