When I originally pitched the idea to review the iPad Air 2 for Tools and Toys, I had prematurely written off the device. Apple’s keynote seemed to stress the iterative progress of the iPad, so I assumed my current iPad Air was far and away sufficient for my purposes.

Then I began using the iPad Air 2.

I’m convinced this is a far bigger update than people are giving Apple credit for. The thinner body, boosted speeds, added RAM, and laminated screen make for a perfect evening/couch computer for me.

I’ve bought four iPads over the past few years. Usually the honeymoon phase wears off around the two week mark and I tend toward my MacBook or iPhone. For the first time, my iPhone and MacBook have sat idly by each and every evening since the iPad Air 2 arrived.

My iPad Air is now up for sale.1 I’m making the upgrade to the Air 2. I love this thing.

If you’re interested, get in touch. I’m selling it for a pretty darn good price. And it’s in perfect shape.