My wife and I were talking last night about how badly we want to travel. We both want to head to Europe one last time before we get our careers and family underway.

It occured to me that, if I could choose to do anything in the world, I would be a travel photographer and/or writer. It’s not that I don’t love the mathematical side of business. I just think it would be piles of fun to travel the world, capture the world’s beauty through a lens, and share it with my friends. We all have dreams right?

So when I came across this incredible time-lapse video of La Ville-Lumière, my travel bug truly ignited. This is time-lapse video at its finest.

I came across this link via Álvaro Serrano. Álvaro is increasingly making a name for himself and his blog has become one of my must-reads each and every day. Le temps d’un Paris was my favourite of his three link-posts yesterday, but the other two probably deserve a re-link as well.

Álvaro’s eye for great content isn’t just limited to link-posts though. He shoots awesome photographs (with an Olympus E-M10 might I add) and his writing is flawless. It’s hard to show appreciation for someone’s talent through a 140-character tweet, so I figure a shoutout like this is more appropriate.

Keep going Álvaro. You’ll always have a reader in me.