I’m back in action.

Sorry for the hiatus this past weekend. Rare is the day where The Sunday Edition goes unpublished, but rarer is the day that I don’t have an internet connection. It’s one thing to turn off your smartphone’s connection from email for a weekend. It’s an entirely different thing to have no internet connection at all.

With that out of the way, let’s hope I can round up a busy 10 days. I have undoubtedly missed some important pieces that deserve recognition, so that will garner a second apology from me.

Handwriting – (Matt Gemmell)

April Zero – (Anand Sharma)

Williamsburg Bridge and Lightroom Workflow – (Conor McClure)

Always Open To The Possibility Of Writing – (The Cramped)

36 years in this skin – (Brett Terpstra)

Kaweco AC Sport fountain pen review – (Pens! Paper! Pencils!)

Bibliotheca – (Adam Lewis Greene)

Count to ten when a plane goes down – (John C. Beck)

Top 5 Pocket Notebooks – (Pen Paper Ink Letter)

Seven Seas “Writer” Tomoe River Paper Journal (Size A5): A Review – (Scribalishess)

It’s great to be back.

Happy Tuesday.