If you can’t find a note-taking system worth utilizing, why not create your own?

Having done some thorough research into the two main systems and a few hybrid systems I decided to make a list (as one does!) of all the note items I might need for my personal or professional note-taking. My list included:
Notes - a simple statement or fact that I can refer back to.
Keynotes - an important note or one that I want to highlight.
Data - a note containing data (e.g. phone number or web address)
Asides - personal records, thoughts or observations.
Tasks - a way to signify an action (including a way to mark tasks as completed, or migrated).
Events - a record of an important action that has taken place.
Throwaways - notes that serve a one-time use (e.g. jotting down a phone message).

Make something that works for you. And then tell me about it. I’m always up for a new mark-up system in my notebooks.