Ah, an Eames Chair. They are renowned for their timeless design and their incredible minimalism. A moulded Eames is more than furniture — it’s capable of doing work, having fun and inspiring creativity.

And Eames hold their value too.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more widely used and widely loved chair anywhere on the planet.

Of course, there’s also that other Eames. You know, the lounge chair — the one you want when you grow up.

It’s crazy to think that the moulded side chair design is older than the lounger. Charles and Ray Eames developed the moulded side chair design in 1950 and it remains far-reaching into the future. Herman Miller reintroduced the white polypropylene design in 2004 and I’m willing to bet the chair will be with us into the 22nd Century.

The seamless curves of the Moulded Eames design inspire comfort and ease.

There is no plastic chair I would rather sit on. The Moulded Eames fits the contour of my body perfectly. I’m a fairly narrow person, however, so the mould may not fit for everyone.

I’m a very big fan of the “Eiffel Tower” Moulded Eames design. The more timeless piece comes with wooden legs that look like they were taken from the 1950s. Concrete, steel, wood and glass are majorly popular today and I prefer the steel (and, luckily, cheaper) design.

The chair is noticeably well built and was built — like its design — to last forever.

The steel “Eiffel Tower” base is the only place where you’ll find edges and corners. Every other facet of this chair flows into the next with a cool ease.

The Eames Moulded design was originally built using moulded plywood. Moulded plywood, in the 1950s, was extremely difficult to manufacture — let alone execute with perfection. The moulded plywood has a bold look that contrasts today’s white plastic design.

I prefer the white plastic, but the moulded plywood is too historical to look past.

Having said that, one still has to stomach the price tag of the moulded wood chairs.

The Moulded Eames is widely used as a desk or table chair and I have it set up next to my writing table. It fits the theme we have in our living room beautifully.

I have two relatively small complaints that pull the Eames away from being my most loved chair.

First is the plastic’s inherent need to create static electricity. I constantly shock myself after standing up from my writing table.

Second is the Moulded Eames’ height. The chair can’t be adjusted (and rightfully so), but I find the positioning slightly lower than my preferred height. Our dining room table sits too high to use the Moulded Eames as a dining room chair.

Overall though, the timelessness of the Eames Moulded Plastic Chair’s design is one I have wanted to incorporate into my home for some time.

Fortunately for Herman Miller, this most certainly will not be my last Eames chair.