Well that was certainly a fun week. From a lengthy Field Notes review, to the awesome Pen Addict podcast, to another pen review, I was busy. I can’t wait to talk further this week about the item making all this imagery possible.

Anyhow, here’s some other great material that caught my eye throughout the week.

The Wrong Camera – (The Online Photographer)

The Five Coolest Spacecraft in Science Fiction – (Crate of Penguins)

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen - Fine Nib (Makrolon) – (The Clicky Post)

On Interruptions – (The Brooks Review)

Sitting Is Bad For You. So I Stopped. For a Whole Month. – (Dan Kois - New York Magazine)

The Fucks and How We Give Them (A Manifesto) – (Patrick Rhone)

But you seem so sensible – (Paul Boag)

FLIGHTBOOK Notebooks – (Tools and Toys)

That seems like a well-rounded list. There’s even a smattering of controversy.

Happy Sunday!