Excluding The Sunday Edition, I've ceased to link to other articles around the web because very few people came by the site to read someone else's work. It makes sense actually: If you want to read original "stuff" generated by The Newsprint, you come to The Newsprint.

However, I've had the utmost urge to link to Shawn's review of Omnifocus 2 for Mac. A snippet:

There is no single right or wrong solution here. Some of us use a certain tool for task management because our circumstances require it, and some of us a certain tool because our personality prefers it. There are also those who use a non-ideal tool because they don’t know a better option exists (or because they are too stubborn/lazy to seek out and learn the proper tool).
If you can: find a tool that makes sense to you.

I've read just about every software review Shawn has written in the last few years, and this is one of his best. Shawn has a very personal way of reviewing apps — this is something I strive for when I write.

A tool's use is unique to the user. How I use Field Notes books will be different than how you use Field Notes books. And how Shawn uses Omnifocus may be entirely different than how David uses Omnifocus.

In saying this, I believe Shawn's article about Omnifocus 2 isn't as much a review as it is him showcasing why Omnifocus works best for him. And the personality in his article is awesome. It's the first 3000+ word review I've read completely from start to finish.

I've had many inquiries as to whether Omnifocus (on any platform) is "worth the money". This question is so difficult to answer and Shawn's review reflects this. It may be worth the money to you. Or it may not. And I feel terrible not being able to answer the question. So I go with the "start with iPhone version" answer because the iPhone version is cheapest and because, unlike everyone else, I actually like the iPhone version. But more on that another day.

Writers like Shawn probably receive a ton of well-deserved praise and my linkpost just adds to the pile. However, it's extremely gratifying to know that personal software reviews that don't have all the technological mumbo-jumbo can be well regarded. For that, Shawn has written more than a review — he has written a template.

Thank you Shawn for sharing how you use Omnifocus. It is my favourite writeup of any piece of software yet. </p