May has finally come. It's been raining in Southern Manitoba for the last few days, which generally leads to the snow completely melting away. Despite our efforts, there is still snow in the forecast.

But what May really brings is a chance at a second Homescreen installation. Here you go:

<p>For comparison purposes, you can head here to check out what has changed since April 1.</p>

A quick list:

To start, my homescreen has finally been completely iOS 7-ified. That new 1Password icon could be my favourite icon yet.

I moved Pushpin off my homescreen because I felt I didn't access my link archive enough to warrant it such a coveted spot. I use my iPad to manage my Pinboard, so I scarcely used Pushpin on the iPhone.

I have switched over to Unread for my RSS needs as of late. I love its reading experience. Ideally, I would like Unread for iPad and Reeder for iPhone to be my RSS combination. Reeder is faster at triaging feeds but its reading experience is mediocre. So, to get a good feel of Unread before the iPad version is released, I've been trying it out more extensively on the iPhone.

I have switched back to Fantastical 2 now that there is an accompanying iPad version. Agenda Calendar 4 is a beautiful app, but it's hard to fight with Fantastical's offering.

Despite writing a review of Drafts — of which I'm still fully in love — I decided to bring Vesper back into the thick of things. Vesper's design is second to none and I've found Vesper to be a great way to capture thoughts on the go. This is an experiment still and I may end up back with Drafts. But Vesper is really nice to look at.

I've gone back to Mailbox again because of its new Auto-Swipe feature. Wow. Auto-swipe is easily the best thing I've come across for inbox management. I can't recommend it enough.

Lastly, I've switched my reminders app again. As a result, you can expect some thorough reviews over the next few weeks. I'm sick and tired of switching and I desperately want to find an app that works. I'm really impressed so far with Clear's implementation of reminders within lists. It fits me really well. This could switch in a heartbeat though.

I kind of like this monthly round-up. It's like a personal audit of my digital tools. Maybe I should consider doing the same with my pens and notebooks — it may make my bag a bit lighter.