Patrick Rhone:

The fact is, we all have existing routines. We all have a set of steps we do every morning, just before bed, or otherwise in our day. These are all opportunities to build in another step and form a new habit. So, if there is something you’ve wanted to do regularly for a long time but have yet to achieve it, this could help.

Yes. Yes. And more yes.

After starting out our Hybrid Journal idea, I found myself increasingly annoyed every time I had to write another "Daily Summary". There's no doubt about it: journaling is annoying.

The key is routinizing it. The key is to get to a point where the annoyance is so normal, you wouldn't feel right without doing it. I guess we could call this "Tolerated Annoyance". I'm getting to close to a routinized journal, but I'm not fully there yet.

Maybe the reason I'm not there is because I haven't routinized it as well as Patrick has. His routine building ideas are perfect. They are obvious. They make clear, rational sense. And they are easy to incorporate into daily activities.

Much like Patrick's Dash Plus system, simplicity emanates from his ideas on building routines. I recommend we all try forming habits and routines with his foundations in mind.