I came across the Midori Traveler's Notebook while researching ways to carry around multiple Field Notes books. I know I've seen the Midori notebook on countless occasions during other web surfing sessions, but I never paid attention to the Midori notebook system.

In effect, the Midori Traveler's Notebook is far more than a simple leather cover for your notebooks. Instead, using a fairly simple elastic chord system, the Midori Traveler's Notebook is capable of accumulating many different notebooks, planners, storage pockets and trinkets into a brilliantly customized leather case. If you want to get a great idea of how a Midori works, you should head over to Goulet Pens' awesome video review of the passport-sized Midori.

I think I disregarded the Midori on past occasions because it doesn't appear pocketable whatsoever. I have always valued a notebook that can be carried on my person and, therefore, the Midori just didn't fit me.

But I've started to carry a bag around recently. And, as a result, the Midori looks more and more appealing. My favourite stationery shop will be offering some Midori Notebooks very shortly. You can bet I'll grab one as soon as I get back there.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out Patrick Ng's incredible Flickr stream of his Midori. The man is a pure artist, both with a camera and with his intricate artwork. His Midori stands as a great example of the potential of a Midori Notebook and I would love to have a customized notebook with sentimental odds and ends.

And if you want more Midori goodness, here's a link to a more generalized Flickr stream of the beautiful notebook.


Gosh, I can't believe I missed this. Patrick Ng's personal site is full of incredible Midori Traveler's Notebook goodness as well. It's a sanctuary dedicated to the fine notebook. You have to check out his "Perfect System" which shoes the true power of a Midori notebook.

This entire site is just plain awesome. Check it out.