Way back in 2009, Shawn Blanc outlined The Link Post. In his article, Shawn discussed the different types of link posts and how to format them properly.

As the Internet grows older, I find myself enjoying individual link posts less and less and big link dumps more and more. Sometimes a curated list of interesting stuff is fun to explore on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Sites like Tab Dump, Brett Terpstra’s Recap and The Pen Addict’s Ink Links have hit the sweet spot with bigger link lists.

So I want to try something like that.

I love my Sunday mornings. I wake up a little later than normal. I brew a large cup of locally roasted coffee.[1] I sit on my Eames Moulded Chair with my iPad in hand. And I drift off into the wide, wide Web.

What better way to add to that Sunday morning tradition than to post some cool links for everyone else to enjoy?

Without further ado.

This is a little easier than bombarding your RSS and Twitter feed every Sunday with five different posts. I hope you like this format. If so, or if not so, please let me know.

I’m currently on an Other Brother Roasters binge. Really good coffee for someone like me who doesn’t know anything about coffee.