I spent yesterday evening drinking coffee and talking money with Josiah. I also spent some time sucking up to get him to update a few things for The Newsprint.

First, you may notice a few changes for The Newsprint when viewed on an iPad. The site width should be narrower and text size should be vastly improved. The Newsprint's logo has now been resized to a normal size and the nice advertisement has been moved to a more reasonable location.

Second, the iPhone version of The Newsprint also came by a few changes. The site width is slightly narrower and text size should also be improved.

A website like this is a continuous work in progress and there will always be little nitpicks to iron out. These little changes occupied a huge portion of my to-do list and I thank Josiah for allowing me to sleep at night once more.

By the way, I personally think The Newsprint is now best viewed on an iPad in portrait orientation. I do the majority of my reading on an iPad and I've always wanted a website that is enjoyable to read on a portrait iPad. I won't stop iterating until I have a design like this. Or rather, I won't stop asking Josiah to iterate until I have a design like that.

Regardless, thanks again to Josiah for his selfless work. Hopefully this makes things a bit better for The Newsprint's incredible readers.