I think one of the difficulties with analog notes is how easy they are to mould. Unlike a software application, paper notes have no boundaries. Paper notes can take nearly any form. And The Daily Rind takes this to heart.

The Daily Rind is a system designed by Adam King — a Canadian might I add — that works to improve the flow of a work day. Rather than using regimented and lineal day planning, The Daily Rind uses a circular layout to define a day.

This is a really unique way of planning that is certainly not meant for me.[1] I don’t know if this would work in a pocket notebook either, but it may be worth a try.

If, after experimenting with the different systems I’ve linked to, you still haven’t found an analog process that works for you, I recommend trying out The Daily Rind. Maybe it’ll hit the sweet spot.

King does mention this system would best be used by creatives. I’m not creative.