As much as I bounce around from app to app on my iPhone, I figured it would be kind of cool to keep a running tally of my iPhone's app evolution.

Not only is it cool to see which apps I use and how those apps change, it's also cool to see how I change over time. Like the old adage that one's iPod music tells one's story, so too does one's iPhone homescreen. I want to track changes on my homescreen to see me over time.

I want to post my homescreen on the 1st of every month. I also hope to quickly outline the changes from the previous month's screenshot. Hopefully this won't bombard anyone.

Without further ado:

Here's a quick list of the apps I use on a daily basis:

Just a few quick notes:

  • Agenda Calendar just replaced Fantastical on my homescreen two days ago. I saw it in my "Purchased" folder and figured I'd give it another shot.
  • Quicklytics is the newest app on my homescreen and offers incredibly detailed Google Analytics. It even offers real-time metrics. Expensive, but awesome.
  • I use Begin for lists of tasks (especially when at the office) and Omnifocus for tasks that are due beyond the next 24 hours. I really like this combination.

Let's hope next month's list doesn't need to be so long.</p