Living in Canada has its pros and cons. Two of the worst cons are shipping times and postal costs. If it takes a week to arrive at your front door in the United States, it takes three weeks to arrive in Canada.

Ever since the latest Colors release, I've anxiously awaited my shipment. I found out three days ago that it'll be another two weeks before arrival.

Luckily, I have Tiny Feast.

Tiny Feast is a little stationery shop located on McDermot Avenue in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. The shop opened in the latter half of 2013 and is operated by a husband-wife duo. The shop glows with personality from the inside and each product they carry has an intimate element that sucks you in. I could spend hours in the shop if I didn't have to pay for parking in Downtown Winnipeg.

To add to Tiny Feast's impressive list of characteristics, Tiny Feast is the only stationery store in Manitoba to carry Field Notes books. In fact, the next closest is about 650 kilometers away. They hold a unique part of my shopping soul because of this alone.

About a week ago, I tweeted at Tiny Feast and asked if they had received their Field Notes packages. They received them the next day and replied to me personally.

I made the two hour drive to the shop and Danika recognized me when I walked in. She had set aside two packs of Field Notes for me. And it was only my second time walking into the store.

That kind of customer service and friendliness is hard to find. Despite the downtown location, Tiny Feast makes each trip to Winnipeg a worthy field trip.

For my local readers, head down to the Exchange District and check them out. You won't be sorry.

For my non-local readers, head over to the Tiny Feast website and take a look around. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in Winnipeg, make it a priority to stop by and say hello. And pick up a nice pen or pencil while you're there.