One of the most difficult things about studying in a business/accounting/entrepreneurship program is understanding the importance of risk-taking. I am a horrible risk-taker. I couldn’t imagine not having a job. Maybe that’s the stage of life I’m in, or maybe it’s part of my personality. To lose my job without notice and without future compensation would be hell.

Brett Peters accepts it with open arms. I admire his courage. It’s the single trait I wish I had.

The best nugget in his experience are his physical Field Notes books:

Those notebooks are what I can point to. Those twenty-two slender volumes represent … something. Time. Labor. Things that I built which are no longer there, but dammit, they had value. I managed millions of dollars of telecom spend and projects with them. I brought in revenue with them.

I love vindication. Physical record of our most important thoughts, ideas and tasks still trumps the ever-changing digital environment. These Field Notes books are the only evidence of his incredible amounts of work.

Absolutely powerful. At least for me.