Despite claiming no need for a digital version of physical notebooks, I've recently seen the light. When working on a project at the office, I wrote down the steps needed to complete a complex task in my trusty Field Notes book. Of course, that book filled up, was indexed and was stored away. I didn't think anything of it until I needed to look up my past notes.

Upon realizing my needed notes were at home, I cussed at myself and began researching a way to alleviate the problem. The answer appears to be the Doxie Flip.

I first stumbled upon the Doxie Flip over at The Pen Addict. Brad Dowdy has an extensive archive of pen and ink reviews that are bolstered by other, more distinct products. According to his November review of the Doxie Flip, Brad loves the device. And it appears perfect for my needs as well.

If you have employed these new Hybrid Journal processes, head on over to The Pen Addict to see if this portable, battery powered scanner is perfect for digitizing your Field Notes books. I, for one, will be adding the Doxie Flip to my new Checkmark 2 product dream list.