Jared Sinclair in 2008:

This desirous gap is what drives us out of bed in the morning, what propels us after the things we want, what enables the human dynamo. When this void is moving forward, it does so in part with the help of inertia, and all is well. But when that inertia is threatened, when the generalized wanting comes to a halt, well, then everything is in a shambles! The self loses the motor force that sent it springing off the mattress every morning in hot pursuit of fame or fortune or a better sandwich cookie. The self despairs of its visible objects, feels its desire fading. It remembers what it was like to want, but only dimly. One finds oneself saying things like “I want to want…”

Jared ends his incredible piece on personal depression with a personal solution:

Depression is one of those rare problems best solved by doing as little as possible. It is for this reason that one who is depressed needs friends so desperately. Without desire, the task of daily life becomes an unbearable burden. Even the will to make toast, for example, has disappeared. But the only way to keep one’s mind distracted from the recovering void is to press-on through all the mundanity of life.

I believe he is correct, however the capability of one's friends plays a large role in his solution. The few experiences I've had with friends who may be battling depression has made me feel completely useless and helpless. How do I help my friend battle this terrifying illness? What can I possibly do to help? I'll do anything to help, but how?

As mankind continues to search for depression solutions, I believe there is also a need to teach friends, relatives, peers and colleagues how to help in those situations.

Depression's stranglehold on a person's mind extends far beyond just one ill mind — it strangles entire communities as well. Those communities are 100% responsible to help. Learning how to help will be a major step forward in the battle with depression.

Thanks Jared for sharing this incredibly thoughtful piece. It struck a chord with me as an outsider in a current situation. We need more people willing to share these thoughts as they continue their battles.