After all this hullabaloo about Day One, Publish and journaling, I have finally been able to convince someone to make the switch.

Jon is an incredibly talented designer. He designed wine labels for my wedding and his simplistic taste shines through in his work. All this time, I had no idea he was a writer as well.

Jon decided to Publish his first Day One post yesterday. He has utilized a unique method to document his day that I think is worth sharing. I've never considered documenting my day in the same manner Jon has, nor do I feel it would be conducive for how I want my journal to be formatted. However, "A Day In The Life Of" allowed Jon to overcome the hurdle of writing in his journal. If it helped him accomplish daily journaling, maybe it will help someone else.

I am also going to keep my fingers crossed for Jon's writing to show up on my Twitter feed in the future. He has a simplistic style that mimics his simplistic taste in design.

Keep it coming Jon.